Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mac Word Document Recovery To Fix Preferences File Corruption

Every application installed on Mac machine uses preferences to store settings and customizations. The preferences files are stored on your hard drive and they are updated as you update the software settings. Like other Mac applications, Mac Word also lets you store the customizations in preferences file. However, in some cases, preferences file corruption may cause document corruption and put you in need of Word Document Recovery Mac solutions.
When you start Word for Mac application or try to open a document, you may run across the following error message:
“Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
As stated above, the problem usually occurs due to preferences file corruption or word document corruption. In such cases, you need to opt for Mac Office recovery solutions to get your data back.
To sort out this problem, remove Word preferences files using the following steps:
  • Quit all Office applications and open Library folder from Home.
  • Open Preferences folder and find file.
  • Move this file to desktop and start Word again. If the problem is fixed then move the file to Trash.
  • If problem occurs again, then move the file to its original location and open Preferences folder again.
  • Locate the file and move it to desktop.
  • Start Microsoft Word for Mac again and check the status of the problem. 

If the problem still occurs, then you need to reinstall Mac Office. In case this problem is with a specific Word file, then it is due to document corruption. In such cases, you have to opt for Mac Word recovery tools.
The document recovery software are particularly developed to repair and restore damaged Word files. They come equipped with interactive user interface to help you easily and quickly recover your data.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mac Word Recovery When Earlier Version’s Document Refuses to Open

Microsoft Word for Mac is a popular and widely used word processing application, developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. It lets you create perfectly formatted documents and share them with Windows and Mac users. However, under some critical situations, Word documents may not open and you run across data loss. At this point, you are required to opt for Mac Word recovery solutions to get your significant data back.
For example of this problem, consider the following scenario that may occur when you try to open a document in Mac Word 2008 that was created in an earlier version, using any of the below methods:

  • You drag the document to Mac Word 2008 icon.
  • You double-click the Word document.
  • You drag the affected document to an open Word window.
  • You run AppleScript, which uses Finder for opening Word document.

In such situations, Word document doesn’t open as expected. It leads to data loss and require MacWord repair applications to sort out the problem.
There can be several reasons behind this problem, which include:

  • The document uses different encoding, which Office 2008 does not support.
  • Mac Office installation is faulty.
  • The document is damaged and Word is unable to recognize it.

Try any of the following Mac Office repair solutions to sort out this issue:

  • Open the file using Open option under File menu.
  • Open the document in earlier version to check whether its corrupted.
  • Open file on Windows and use “Open and Repair” option while opening.
  • Reinstall Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac.
  • Use third-party recovery applications to repair and restore damaged document.
Such tools are available as last resort to fix any type of corruption to MS Word document. They thoroughly scan entire file and extract all inaccessible data from it. The software have simple graphical user interface and read-only conduct to offer easy and safe recovery.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mac PowerPoint Repair to Fix The File Corruption Errors

MS PowerPoint is the most popular presentation application, designed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. It is part of Microsoft Office productivity suite. This application is also available for Mac OS X operating systems, as a part of Microsoft Office for Mac Suit of Applications. It stores all your critical data safely, but in some cases, you may not receive your significant data from PowerPoint file. In such situations, you need to opt for Mac PowerPoint recovery solutions.
When you attempt to open a Mac PowerPoint file, you might run across the below error message:
“Microsoft PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
The file may become inaccessible after this behavior of PowerPoint for Mac. In order to get your mission critical data back in such cases, you need to find out the cause of this problem and opt for Mac Office repair solutions.
You may encounter this problem due to any of the following reasons:
·      The preferences files of MS PowerPoint are damaged.
·      The background applications, which are already running, interfering with Mac PowerPoint.
·      Your user account profile of Mac Office is damaged.
·      The PowerPoint file or presentation, which you are trying to open, is damaged. If some of the files are not opening properly, then it can be due to serious corruption.
Try out the following Mac Office recovery solutions to work around this problem:
·       Quit all Mac Office applications and windows.
·       Remove the PowerPoint preferences files.
·       Remove and reinstall Mac Office.
·       Reboot your system.
·       Create a new user account and check whether the problem is repeated.
·       Repair permissions of Mac hard drive using “Repair Disk Permissions” option.
In case the above steps can not help you repair PowerPoint for Mac application files, you need to opt for commercial repair software. Such tools are capable of effectively handling all corruption issues. They work well with all major versions of Mac PowerPoint, including PowerPoint 2011, 2008, and 2004.